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wInquiry™ 3.0 is a full-featured professional level software package for use in presentation support, surveys and tests, competitive quiz games, voting, focus groups, and more. It features all the tools you need to prepare and conduct effective, professional-looking group interactive sessions. From question authoring to report generation, wInquiry brings you full circle, letting you make the most of your audience response system.
  • Dual Polling lets two people share one keypad to maximize the audience size your response system can support.
  • Question Import eliminates the need for retyping of questions from other sources.
  • Competitive Quizzes can divide the audience into as many as 20 teams for motivational game play.
  • Impromptu Polling allows flexible 'on-the-fly' question creation and presentation.
  • Results Displays are available in a variety of graphic formats, including comparison charting and subgroup response filtering.
Multimedia Support:
  • BMP, JPG, and GIF file formats can be used as background images, in addition to a wide variety of generated background patterns and effects.
  • WAV and MID audio files can provide 'thinking music' and sound effects to enhance polling presentations.
  • AVI, MPG, MOV, and QT animations can be used in place of wInquiry's standard polling countdown timers.
  • Screen Transition Effects make it easy and fun to produce professional quality presentations.
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