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Our reputation in the conference and meetings industry has been gained through our knowledge and expertise in the area of group dynamics however you might not be aware that we also have considerable expertise in dealing with people at an individual level. Our wholly owned business Exenet Human Resources has been providing recruitment, profiling and human capital consulting services to a variety of industries for a number of years. We offer a choice of:
  • full service recruitment
  • fee-for-service recruitment
  • psychological profiling
  • career counselling and
  • personal development counselling
full service recruitment -
This is the traditional offering of most recruitment businesses - we take responsibility for the entire end to end recruitment process, bill you an agreed percentage of the total package, and offer a three month replacement guarantee. You will find, however, that we are far from traditional in our methodology. At eXenet Human Resources:
  • We are not afraid to give an opinion
  • We are not risk averse
  • We are not politically correct
  • We tell you what you need to know, not what you want to hear
  • We would rather do a great job for a few clients than a mediocre job for many
  • We really enjoy what we do
We think you will find our pragmatic, down to earth approach rather refreshing.
fee for service recruitment -
Some clients prefer to maintain control over parts of the recruitment process. In this situation we charge an hourly rate to handle any or all of the essential steps in candidate assessment. The client takes full responsibility for the final appointment (ie there is no replacement guarantee) but it usually works out significantly cheaper than full service, and they can hire multiple candidates from the one assignment without additional cost. We are happy to assist with any or all of the various tasks including:
  • copy writing and placing ads (including using our own tricks to get the best possible coverage for your money)
  • fielding enquiries
  • managing applications via our secure on-line process (including a profiling checklist)
  • organizing interviews
  • conducting interviews
  • reference checking and
  • psychological profile reporting
psychological profiling -
Our licensed profiling tool called Expr3ss!® is our secret weapon in the recruitment world. There are other profiling systems around but we genuinely believe this to be superior to anything we have yet seen. Devised by Dr Glyn Brokensha, Australian medical practitioner and psychologist, it is used by our trained profiler to provide in-depth, accurate and very relevant information about candidates that gives clear indications of whether or not to hire for a particular role. Although it is theoretically possible to use this tool alone to create a shortlist, we understand that nothing in life is black and white – thus we use this tool in conjunction with face to face interviews in seeking to understand an individual’s motivations, their challenges and fears, strengths and weaknesses, and the likelihood that they will fit in and thrive within a particular environment. Each workplace has its own “personality” which governs its expectations and the framework into which any new individual must somehow fit. We give our clients the knowledge to help make these transitions easier.
career counselling / career development -

Although not originally intended as part of our core services, there has been great demand for us to use the results of our psychological profiling to assist individuals and whole teams to better understand themselves. This might be with a view to improving team dynamics, assessing individuals for promotion, healing rifts and problems in the workplace or simply helping individuals work out why they are so unhappy since their last promotion. At a grass roots level it is valuable for personal development and relationship counselling. It provides a valuable tool for self-knowledge and candidates are without exception amazed at the personal power they gain from this understanding.

For more information please email or phone Gayle on 0468 336 224.

"Exenet Human Resources has always delivered excellent people to our business.  Not only did candidates fit in immediately but more importantly they continue to work for us to this day.  Whether technical, accounting or sales related, whether offering full service recruitment or a selective service arrangement, Gayle and her team are pro-active, efficient and thorough.  I am constantly surprised by the quality responses that are received for what is often a very modest advertising outlay.  You don't need to spend a fortune to get good results if you engage a consultant who knows the tricks of the trade.  Similarly I have come to the conclusion that a business can still recruit the very best people despite the tight labour market.  You just need to have the right consultant by your side, someone who not only understands the market but who has taken the time to understand your business and company culture; a consultant who manages the process step by step until the day the candidate starts work and then follows up well past the guarantee period.  eXenet does this for us.  We can't afford to get it wrong in our business and with eXenet we know we will get the right result every time."
Carl Sachs, Managing Director, Workplace Access & Safety, Melbourne
"This was a tough assignment and your tenacity and professional approach proved to be the recipe for what was needed. Your ability to fully understand our requirements and to stay in constant communication were major contributors to your success. In the end the cards fell the right way and we couldn't have expected a better outcome.  It's been a pleasure working with you."
Kevin Meltzer, CEO, Automatic Springs, Sydney
"I have to say this is the best experience I've ever had with a recruitment agency. You've been really awesome and helped me every step of the way. I've been in interviews where the client knew nothing about me and, worse still, the job was not at all appropriate. You guys know your business and you really care about people. Thank you so much."
Recent Candidate, Senior Management position
"Thanks for all your help. It's been a pleasure to deal with you. You are professional but also easy to talk to. I actually enjoyed our interview. And I shall definitely keep in touch - I'll be hiring staff of my own soon!"
Recent Candidate, Management Position
For more information please email or phone Gayle on 0410 495 022.
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