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a few simple rules
Questions may be multiple choice requiring single or multiple responses, depending on the particular software being used. (We currently use wInquiry which allows only single key entry).
Unless specifically set up to identify individual delegates, responses are anonymous. Please reassure your audience that they cannot be identified in any way and that they may feel free to express their true feelings.
Questions can have between 2-10 options per slide although in the majority of cases you would use between 3-5. You might ask a Yes/No question; a question with several single-sentence options; a list of options that your audience is asked to rank one by one; or a question asking "on a scale of 1-10 how do you feel about this issue".
slides may look like this
Guidelines Guidelines Guidelines
Guidelines   If a question has a correct answer it can be highlighted to appear in a different colour.

In "quiz" mode this correct answer is allotted points. Delegates can compete as teams or as individuals, or both at the same time. This can be applied to an educational setting to simulate an exam. In these instances we identify individual respondents either by keypad number or by programming a database and giving each delegate an ID number. A running tally of scores is kept and at any time a screen can be called up to show how everyone is placed.
ad hoc questions
Guidlines   At any time during your presentation you can deviate from the script and insert ad hoc questions. All you need to do is keep it fairly simple so that delegates don't forget the choices (stick to Yes/No, scale of 1-10 or a manageable number of options) and our operator will call up a generic screen which allows a question with that number of options to be polled. The operator takes notes during the presentation so that the text of the question can be added in at reporting stage. An ad hoc screen looks like this.  
divide the audience
Guidelines   A very powerful feature is the ability to divide the audience into any number of demographic groups and display the results of each question to show how these groups voted. You might ask a question like this at the beginning of the session.  
Guidelines Guidelines
  Then use the results from this question to mine down into the results of future polls.  
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