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Powerpoint Tips Attracting visitors to your exhibition stand is a constant challenge – keeping them there is another. But making sure they actually learn about your product or service (rather than just taking the free lollies) is probably the most important outcome of all. The traditional business card draw is one way to get names for your mailing list but how much better would it be to have people who stay long enough to get to know you and form a bond with your company?

A trivia quiz is an excellent way to not only attract people to your stand but to educate them about your product or service in a fun, non-threatening way. People swap a business card for a keypad and take part in a 10 minute quiz that contains a mix of product related and fun questions. A desirable prize should be awarded to the person with the highest score and a small gift (perhaps a novelty they can take home to the kids) offered to everyone who takes part. If you don’t have sufficient marketing collateral or your own, think laterally to source minor prizes at no cost from someone who wants you to promote their (non-competing) product on your stand.

The beauty of a quiz is that by its very nature it is loud, colourful, vibrant and fun. Rather than just the stock standard fabric walls covered with marketing literature your stand has an LCD screen that displays fun graphics and videos, the sound system pumps out (not too loudly!) snippets of funky countdown music, people laugh and exclaim in delight when they get the answer correct, and your MC engages and amuses people so that not only does the audience have a great time but passersby can’t wait to see what’s going on. Scripting the quiz should be with a view to balancing product/service related questions with other fun trivia questions that entertain and amuse. Even the product-related questions should be fun… as long as you get your message across. The serious marketing can take place later.

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If you would like to explore the possibility of running a quiz on your exhibition stand please feel free to contact us for advice. We have a special talent for putting together fun, funky, exciting quizzes that leave your audience smiling. Email us at

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