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Psychological profiling - know yourself and your team
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Psychological Profiling Given that our business is heavily involved in group dynamics and market research, it won’t come as any surprise to learn that we also take a great deal of interest in individuals. The ‘personality’ of any group (be it a group of conference delegates, a management team or workers on the factory floor) is determined by the sum total of characteristics contributed by each member of that group. Change one individual and the overall persona of the group can change dramatically. Thus it is possible to turn around an entire team by identifying its less than ideal characteristics and making appropriate changes. But how is it possible to quickly and accurately create a blueprint from which to make such changes?.

Our answer is psychological profiling. This is used extensively in recruitment, succession planning, team building, employee engagement and career counseling. It is an essential tool for any manager needing to understand and achieve the best possible performance from his team. It is also a highly life-affirming experience for individuals to see and discuss their own profiling results with a view to understanding the areas of satisfaction and distress in their own lives.

Too often we see people who are established on a career path that, due to its incongruence with their core needs and characteristics, is headed for inevitable disaster. This may not manifest as failure to perform or even especially hinder the speed with which they are promoted… it is more often seen in their deep inner unhappiness, a lack of work-life balance, health problems related to stress, and in the misery of those around them (both at work and at home) who bear the brunt of this fundamental inappropriateness for their role.

Our profiling skills have helped many clients get back on the right track. This comes from recognizing that each person has a blueprint of coping strategies that they call on in every situation in life. Under low or normal stress, most people have a variety of these strategies to choose from however as stress increases they fall back on certain ‘tools’ more and more until – under maximum stress – they return almost exclusively to a very limited number of mechanisms with which they feel comfortable. Thus in a crisis there are those who will take charge without thought while others are happy to be told what to do. There are those people who feel responsible for everything whereas others are much more able to say “it’s not my problem” and let someone else do the worrying. Some people love a fast-paced, results orientated, constantly changing environment whilst others can only function when things are prescribed and predictable. There is a perfect role for each and every one of us yet it is surprising how often we aspire to positions that suit neither our personality nor our core needs.

If you would like to know more about our profiling services please phone Gayle on 0410 495 022. We would be delighted to show you some sample results and to discuss ways in which profiling might benefit you as an individual and your organisation as a whole.

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