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Because we’d like you to be part of our on-line community we have kept this section for feedback and comments, questions and suggestions, and in fact any content that you might like to offer. Do you...

  • know a small business that gives you great service (eg your mobile mechanic, your hairdresser, your organic butcher) whom you would like to help along with a free plug? Please send us their details and why you think they’re special. The best suggestions will be included in our next edition.
  • have a recent heart-warming or life-affirming experience that you feel you would like to share? If this includes photos all the better.
  • have any inside tips for great deals, specials or events that you think others might like to know about?
  • have something you’d like to sell or need to source from someone else?
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Gumtree Sydney

Does everyone know about Gumtree? We discovered it about eighteen months ago and have used it to great effect ever since. It started off as a means for travelers and backpackers to tee up jobs and accommodation (there is a site for various major cities all over the world) but these days you can buy, sell, swap, hire or source just about anything you want. It is one of the last bastions of free enterprise… unlike eBay where fees abound and you are obliged to open a PayPal account to sell anything, Gumtree leaves it up to people to deal amongst themselves as individuals.

There is no buyer protection so of course you need to exercise caution, but people as a rule are honest and just want to do the right thing. We have bought software and office equipment, sourced IT and other contract staff, looked up garage sales, and even sold a car via Gumtree… with never a problem. In fact we have met some truly wonderful human beings this way!

If you’ve never seen it we urge you to do so. It costs nothing to advertise so the risk is minimal.

Click here to visit the Sydney Gumtree website

Rupert Jefferies - Graphic / Website Design

Our thanks once again to our wonderful designer Rupert for his hard work on this month’s newsletter (Rupert what would we do without you!?). A Saffy (that’s South African to the rest of us) Rupert first joined us during a working holiday in Sydney in early 2008. He has since created two websites and a newsletter for us from his base in Cape Town and we think you will like his easygoing style and great communication.

If you have a project that might benefit from his expertise (he did a marvelous job increasing our web traffic) please contact Rupert directly through email or visit his website

Skills: Website / Graphic design, eNewsletter design, DTP, photography and more...

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Please send us an email at and we’ll try to include it in the next newsletter. If it can’t wait until the next full newsletter (planned bi-monthly) we will make an effort to send an update of just this section to everyone on our mailing list.

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