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what is audience response?
Audience response technology employs small handheld devices that allow you to gain real time feedback from your audience. As they listen to the presentation, each person has the opportunity to enter responses to questions put to them by the speaker. Data is captured via the response system, stored for later retrieval and reporting, and displayed immediately on screen in graph form for communication and debate. More...
who are we?
Audience Response Pty Ltd, has been providing interactive services to the Australian conference and meetings industry for many years. In fact, Managing Director Gayle McGovern is one of Australia’s few “veterans” having helped deliver the very first audience response technology way back in the late 80’s. More...
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featured product   how does it work?

CLiKAPAD is a credit card sized, ultra-lightweight keypad that supports single digit numeric and alpha numeric responses. Easy to hold and simple to use it nevertheless supports very sophisticated information-gathering software called wInquiry™ that makes this deceptively simple device a powerful meetings tool.

Full sized luminescent voting buttons are ideal for both high and low light situations.

Click here to learn more about the CLiKAPAD

  Click here to learn more about the CLiKAPAD

In your conference environment, your questions are displayed on a large screen.

Once the clock is activated each person may enter their response. A graph of results appears immediately the timer expires.

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  How does it work?
other products and services
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